Saturday, August 11, 2012

February - Discretion becomes meditative power

January 21 to February 21

Whoever has experienced the imperishable nature of one’s own true being becomes silent, discrete.

True discretion is the biblical metanoia, the change of attitude, also called repentance. For the opposite of repentance is the surrender to the senses. The immortal power of courage that forms the core of our being loses in the surrender to the senses, in external communication, consciousness of itself. By turning back, however, it becomes self-aware. Maintaining silence is therefore gathering strength. It shrouds the spiritual in us that is neither communicable in the images of the physical world and its speech, nor audible to the outward listening ear. Silence is the protection that retains the spiritual as an inviolable secret of the soul. Discretion is worthy to be the bearer of this mystery. It does not disappoint the trust placed in it by the spiritual world and the human beings, since it adopts this trust into the soul realm guarded by this turning back (of our desirous nature). Discretion is the power by which the soul grasps and experiences itself as belonging not to the world of the senses but to the world of the spirit.

Thus it becomes meditative power

A meditation of such discretion is: I am a thought being thought by the hierarchies of the cosmos.

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