Saturday, August 11, 2012

January - Courage becomes power of redemption

December 21 to January 21

No beginning without courage. No courage without truth.

The source of true courage is an experience which brings past and future together, for the truth is not restricted to time. From the life between death and a new birth, we bring into the earthly life ahead the impulse to correct the consequences of our deeds in a previous earthly life. This thought from the past is linked to a thought of the future: the fruits of a former life are incorporated into the spiritual germ of the human being, ripen in the life between death and rebirth and then, transformed into talents and abilities, appear in a new life. Upon comprehending these two thoughts, the present becomes the moment of courage. Such courage, practiced in the inner life of soul and exercised in the outer events of destiny, leads the soul to experience immortality. It is the trustworthy consciousness of the fact that the power is garnered in a former life to confront the individual with the events occurring in the destinies of a later life. This courage becomes the redeemer from the fallibility of the death-ridden body.  But in the meetings of those with whom we are connected by destiny, it also, as the bearer of the consciousness of this immortality, becomes the awakener of this consciousness within them.

Courage becomes power of redemption.

A meditation that strengthens this redemptive power is the contemplation of destiny as a consequence of self-inflicted events.

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