Saturday, August 11, 2012

March - Magnanimity becomes love

February 21 to March 21

In silence the voice of the spirit becomes audible as the voice of one’s own true being. This hearing is the sense for individuality. This sense is magnanimity.

Magnanimity is the great sense that, full of interest and respect, gives room to every expression of another being. Every individuality is acknowledged by this sense as the inviolable signet of the spirit inmost in every human being. This sense feels responsible for every other individuality as for its own higher being. For magnanimity, the feeling of solidarity is not subjective. For this sense, it means quite objectively to be responsible for the spirit that is the common origin of all individualities, from which they gain independence and which at the higher level of free community they are called upon to realize amongst themselves. Magnanimity therefore cannot do otherwise but unite in free affinity with every individuality who, however unusual it may be, truly lives as such.

Thus it becomes love.

A meditation of such magnanimity is the contemplation of injustice done to another individuality, which one forgives as if suffered by oneself while unremittingly attempting to have amends made.

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